Firstbank Start and Grow Today X

Firstbank Start and Grow

Start and Grow Today is a microsite built for Firstbank supplying users with information about their small business services. The site offers helpful links on how to either start or grow your small business. The site received over 10,000 views in the first month from Colorado residents.

Larabar Uber banners X

Larabar Uber Banner

Larabar wanted to announce the arrival of their new uber bars. They selected TDA Boulder to create a media campaign advertising their uber bars. The banners are built in flash and were advertised with a coupon that helped drive sales.

Gradmen X

To get John Hamm to speak at our graduation, we created a campaign targeting Don Draper(who he plays on Madmen). The website was built using HTML,CSS, JQuery, flash plugins, and uses analytics such as Google and bitly to track hits and clicks.

Quirky Bangs X

Do you have an undying love for Zooey Deschanel? If the answer is yes then Deanna Director and David Ma have the perfect solution for your obsession, Quirky Bangs. Profess your love for Zoey by buying a pair of Zooey bangs. Get em while they are hot!

Touch my Creepy X

Did you celebrate November? If you visit creativity chances are you stumbled upon this gem. Touch my creepy is a site advertising Mike Gallucci's creepy beard. The creepy garnered a whopping 20k views in 2 short weeks and gained a lot of press. If I were a brand I would jealous of this beard.

Firstbank Free Tours X

Firstbank Free Tours

Firstbank wanted to advertise that it still has free checking and offer users a personalized tour of Denver, Colorado on their personal mobile device. The site is built with HTML5 and Jquery Mobile and works on all mobile devices that support HTML5. If you are ever in the Denver area access the site anytime to get a free tour of Denver courtesy of Firstbank.

Birth Control Day X

Birth Control Day

Sir Richards Condoms created the first ever Birth Control day. The site allowed you to share e cards via all social networks thanking your partner for not getting pregnant. The site got a lot attention and press and was a huge success for Sir Richards who is known for their controversial campaigns.

CSS3 Cloud Experiment X

CSS3 Clouds Experiment

I love messing with new technologies, especially HTML5. I took an experiment from Mr Doob's WebGL clouds and added user detection(Chrome, Safari, and mobile devices). It was challenging but fun, try it out on your mac book or mobile device.

Fliptease X

Fliptease is a reinvetion of those vintage novelty pens. Tilting your wrist will allow you to see what is underneath. This app is so sexy it got banned from the google app market! It is available for download on the Mikandi App Store.

Ridgeline Timber X

Ridgeline Timber Company's objective is to buy your timber in order to help you convert it for equal cash value. They operate within Northern Georgia, Northeastern Alabama and South East Tennessee. I performed search engine optimization for the site and as a result the site's Google rank has increased.

Slope Nation X

Most skiers get into the sport for the adrenaline, a sensation hardly ever seen in corporate resort websites. To remedy this I created Slope Nation - a website using real footage from helmet cams. I created the website with HTML,CSS, Javascript, and Flash and used it to showcase dynamic video content, a new way to use Google Maps and an integrated social experience.

Pinwheel Invaders (Under Development) X

Did your mac just crash and great you with the pinwheel of doom? Take your frustration out with this simple space invaders variation. Hope you enjoy!

Kleenex Softness Worth Sharing X

Softness worth sharing is a campain by Kleenex to send a box of Kleenexes to someone you care about with a special message. I helped build and maintain the website's desktop, mobile, and facebook app and made sure that it was cross browser supported.

Firstbank Home Mortgages X

Firstbank Home Mortgages is a website that supplies information about Firstbank's home mortgages. Users can find and get in touch with a certified Firstbank lender that is close to their location. The website is responsive and supports all major smart phone devices.

Food Should Taste Good X

FSTG Banner

Food Should Taste Good wanted to drive sales and attract new consumers. Food Should Taste Good sweetened the deal by offering a coupon as an extra incentive to try their product. They selected TDA Boulder to create a media campaign advertising their top three flavors and I was tasked with building out the flash banners.